My name is Maria Antonia Valencia. I'm 20. I am from Colombia but I currently live in Evanston, Illinois.

Fun facts: I'm a sophomore at Northwestern majoring in Radio/TV/Film and Anthropology. I'm vegetarian. I love art museums, coffee, tea and popcorn mixed with chocolate. Big fan of writing, taking pictures and watching movies. My weaknesses are that I can never not lose caps.

My hobbies include: talking, staring at people, listening to conversations and staying up very late at night doing nothing at all.

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This blog

This is my personal blog, where I post anything that interests me or that's on my mind. I also use this as a space to share my videos, photographs and even some of the outfits I wear.

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  1. so cool! i am OBSESSED with your blog! you are such a beautiful girl <3


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