My name is Maria Antonia Valencia. I was born on July 28, 1997. I am from Colombia but I currently live in Evanston, Illinois.

I love coffee, cats, calling younger people my children, Explosions in the Sky (real ones), and anything that smells like, or tastes like, vanilla. So fucking basic wow. I am passionate about film, photography, fashion and literature. I am a vegetarian and a freshman at Northwestern University. There is no connection between those last two facts. Actually, there is: I am, what I call, humbly pretentious.

My hobbies include: talking, staring at people, listening to conversations and staying up very late at night.

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This blog

This is my personal blog, where I post anything that interests me or that's on my mind. I also use this as a space to share my short films, photographs and even some of the outfits I wear.

Be warned: profanity is a necessity sometimes. I'm fucking sorry, okay?


My first camera was a Sony Alpha 35. I'm currently using a Canon EOS 6D.

I usually do not edit any of the OOTD pictures (I may add a filter or something). I do edit the pictures for photography posts using Lightroom.


You can email me at mariaantoniavs@gmail.com for any inquires.

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  1. so cool! i am OBSESSED with your blog! you are such a beautiful girl <3


I appreciate every single comment! Thank you so much for taking the time! I love reading your thoughts and opinions. :)