Friday, July 20, 2018

random thoughts: europe

Week three in Europe! Traveling is always more hectic than you anticipate it will be. My trip started in Paris, then we headed to Brussels, then to Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, then Milan, Rome and we are currently in Munich. I thought I was going to have much more time to post, but I really haven't had time at all. However, I've been able to jot down a few quick notes and random thoughts I've had during this trip.

1. Peaches are the superior fruit here. So big, so juicy... Colombian peaches don't really get to this level.

Me about to indulge in Amalfi, Italy.

2. Meeting up with people from school is super fun but it feels kinda surreal because I'm so used to seeing them on campus. I met up with my friend Nicole in Brussels and we had such an amazing time! Nicole, if you're reading this I miss you!!!

3. I never thought I could get tired of eating pasta and pizza but I did. Really fast, actually. I was craving Mexican food after about four days in Italy.

4. Paris is the most stunning place on Earth. I'm in love honestly.

5. People watching in caf├ęs while having some coffee is the best afternoon activity ever. Unfortunately, this usually means heavy second-hand smoking.

6. I miss Starbucks. Yikes, sorry. I also really miss the Evanston Peete's.

7. I have been pressured into ordering espressos like never before! I don't really like them that much! I'd rather take my time drinking an Americano, sorryyyy.

I got a free espresso at this place in front of (is it part of??) Galeries Lafayette. I ordered an Americano and the barista was not happy with my choice so he told me he'd give me both so I could give the espresso a chance.

8. Hotel breakfast is literally the best thing ever.

9. Why are lakes so cold? Pls lmk.

10. It's so hard to sit down and write when there are so many things to do!

11. God, I wish I knew locals. Honestly, I just want some local friends to take me to fun/trendy places! Is that too much to ask??

12. No matter how hard I try, I'm just not a huge fan of chocolate... it always looks better than it tastes.

Not to throw shade at this place! I'm just not a huge fan of chocolate and I keep trying to change that but I guess I can't!!!

13. I actually enjoy staying in one place for a long period of time (a week or two?) to really get the vibe of it. I keep reading blog posts on getting around cities in 24 hours or what not, but idk man I just like taking it easy and enjoying as much as I can without the pressure of time-- if it's possible, of course.

14. Becoming "fluent" in using a city's public transportation is actually liberating and it makes you feel like a grown-ass local.

15. I used to not be a huge fan of the ocean, but now I love it so much. The Mediterranean is way colder than the Caribbean (and less colorful lol) but I enjoyed the Amalfi coast sooo much.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, I'll have more content soon! I'm full of surprises.

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