Saturday, May 5, 2018

saturday in chicago: la bodega

Hello to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog!

I want to start writing about my adventures in Chicago. As a student at Northwestern, I don't have enough time to visit Chicago as often as I'd like to. But the weather has gotten so nice lately and it seems like I'll be able to have some chill Saturdays this quarter, which is why I think it's the ideal time to start this series (yes, it's a series).

Earlier this week, I saw someone post a picture of La Bodega on their Instagram, and immediately knew I had to go. It looked so colorful and the floor looked lovely, which is always a must.

Shoutout to Zoe for coming with me.

I came to La Bodega today with the intention of getting a cup of coffee and sitting down to study for a while but ended up not studying (lol) and eating some great tacos and the best churro I've ever had.

This is definitely not a place to sit down and study. It only has a counter-style table (you know, those long, narrow tables) and five chairs. It is really tiny but so aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

The food was absolutely beautiful to look at, and it tasted great, of course. It was a little overpriced in my opinion, but it was filling enough for me. I wanted a Jarrito so bad, but, guys, come on, I'm not gonna pay 3 dollars for a soda.

 Guac + corn + beans + kale! 
Pink tortillas? Yes, please!

As someone who is allergic to onions, garlic and bell peppers (hehe love my life), I was terrified when ordering their veggie taco. I told them about my allergies and they listened to me and made their food completely safe for me to eat. Thank you, guys! That honestly rarely ever happens --  so many restaurants do not care at all.

Let's talk about the churro. It was absurdly good. It was sweet enough to compensate for the saltiness of the tacos, but not too sweet, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really like desserts.

Oreos are the superior cookie don't @ me.

As anyone reading this can probably tell, I have no clue how to judge/write about food. Sorry! Hopefully, this post makes you want to visit La Bodega! Stay tuned for future posts!

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