Sunday, May 13, 2018

best dressed at the Met Gala (according to me!)

AHHH! The Met Gala! I usually enjoy looking at pictures of the best-dressed celebrities in Vogue or other fashion publications, but I actually really liked this year's outfits -- more than ever before. I've read so many Instagram posts/articles about people's opinions on the Met Gala fashion that I thought I'd do my own post.

Ok so I'm no art history major but I do love art and I think that's why the theme this year gave me all the feels. You probably know the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, which is why there was so much religious imagery -- like crosses, rosaries, and altars --  but also a lot of baroque-esque patterns and colors. I love the elaborate ornamentation, intense warm colors, metallic details and overall aesthetic of Catholic art, especially from the period of viceregal Latin America here are some of my favorite outfits:

I love Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit! Gold is my favorite color and this outfit just owns it. The goddam cape makes everything look so regal. Also, I usually am not a fan of heart imagery but the addition of what I can imagine is the Sagrado Corazon, is just amazing. The altar for the headpiece is out of this world, and definitely my favorite headpiece of them all, which says a lot because this was a headpiece-heavy event. WAIT! And then there's the flower? Spanish-vibes much? There is so much going on and I am loving it all. So much detail, so much elaboration, so much art and beauty.

Blake Lively, of course. The halo! Oh my god. Such a perfect headpiece. 

ICON. This theme had Madonna written all over it. This feels like one of her 80s looks but she took it up an extra step for the Met Gala.

The horror movie vibes of this outfit are really working for Lily Collins.

Priyanka Chopra! Velvet! And elaborate jewelry! Yay!

There were a few celebrities wearing flowy, angelic gowns and I loved those dreamy outfits. Here are some of my favorites: 

Kate Bosworth

Sasha Lane

Alexa Chung, my ultimate fashion icon.

Zendaya's look was so original and on-theme. I feel like a lot of people took the easy route which was just adding a cross to their outfit, so this was refreshing.

Lui Wen!!! At first, I wasn't sure how this dress was on-theme, but then I realized the vivid, deep red and the gold details reminded me of works such as these:

The painting to the left is Christ Crucified Contemplated by the Virgin Mary and Saint Francis, which I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago. Also, when I mentioned the vivid red, I was referring to the color of the cross, which stands out. The painting to the right, unfortunately, I don't remember what it's called, I just found it on google and cannot find it again. Yikes.

Ok, Frances McDormand. Not entirely sure what is happening here, but I love it because it matches the color palette for one of my favorite works of religious art which is this image of Christ made with feathers:

Thanks for reading! What were your favorite looks?

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