Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Combination of Minimalist and Fun

Hey all!

Here is an exclusive look at AUrate's new Summer Must-Haves Collection that is launching today! The pieces are simple, functional, and elegant, which is perfect for my style (and any style really). My personal favorite piece is the cuff earrings! I love how different the design is and how well it will go with any look. Also, something that is really cool about this brand is that for every pair of earrings sold, they donate to an underserved public school system! 

Even though I am into colorful clothes and mixing textures and patterns, I mostly keep my jewelry very minimalist which is why I love all of these pieces. I feel like mixing different styles makes outfits more interesting and personal, and even just a subtle pair of earrings can pull together an entire look. Nonetheless, this summer I have been trying to switch things up with a couple of interesting jewelry pieces, such as my eye ring, pom pom and toucan earrings. Combining these pieces with more minimalist ones like the ones from AUrate works perfectly well and allows them to be the focus of attention. Here are some pretty crappy iPhone pics of the jewelry I'm talking about, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what type of statement pieces I would combine this collection with.

I would wear these earrings with a nice simple necklace and a matching bracelet.

This ring would compliment an otherwise minimalist jewelry look with its bit of color and its fun shape.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you check out this new collection!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

tale of an eventful bus ride

Hey all!

Here's a short story you may or may not enjoy reading. It is very very shittily "illustrated" and my hand writing is not the best. It is a charming short tale that involves unrequited love and vomit though!!!

All names have been changed. I actually even asked the only person whose name appears on this story to tell me what her ideal name would be so I could use it. That is quality friendship y'all.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

pink dress wishlist for the summer!

Happy August!!!

Today I want to share my pink dress wishlist for the summer! Even though I will admit I was a hater of the summer weather not too long ago, after being in Chicago for a year I have learned to appreciate the wonders of warm, tropical weather. I used to complain how you couldn't really wear anything with hot weather, but now I am loving flowy dresses and rompers and anything that is not my winter jacket, which I had to wear until like May. Recently, I have been looking for new dresses online to continue celebrating the temporary joy of summer and I thought I would share some with you guys. I am loving pastels, rose tones and flower prints right now. I am also loving casual dresses that are also pretty easy to dress up with the right accessories. Click on the pictures to check out the dresses on their sites!

This first dress is probably my favorite in this bunch because I love the neckline. It looks really flowy and effortlessly chic, which is my vibe. It would look really cute with some sandals, but you could easily dress it up by wearing heels instead.

I love the pattern in this one! Honestly, anything floral is great for the summer! I love the mock neck and the fact that it combines that "fall" neckline with a nice short flowy dress. This dress would also be really easy to dress up or dress down.

Finally, I have started loving off the shoulder dresses, and this rose colored one looks really cute! I love this shade of pink so much! I am using so many exclamation marks! Sorry! This would be perfect for a dinner or party.

I hope you guys like these dresses as much as I do and I hope you got some sort of inspiration for summer fashion. Thanks for reading!