Sunday, June 25, 2017

summer essentials

It has been quite a while! Yes, thank you, I know: I'm really good at ignoring my responsibilities. It is finally warm and beautiful outside here in Chicago. I'll be honest, I never thought I would be excited to be outside in 90-degree weather, coming from hell and all (aka Cali, Colombia). But after wearing my Canada Goose jacket throughout the month of May, I am beyond pleased to just stand under the sun for a while, in a reptile sort of fashion. I am currently just chilling around the Chicago and Evanston area and I thought I would begin to share some of my favorite outfits for the summer. I feel like I only wore black in the winter, so I have gravitated toward white and lighter shades for the past few weeks. I have also really been loving Tobi to shop for summer dresses and rompers; all of their dresses are perfect for the season. They have the cutest, flowiest pieces, so it is no surprise they are my go-to brand of the moment.

The first outfit I want to share with you guys is this stunning mauve print shift dress that is just so flowy and dreamy. I wore this outfit during finals week after I impulsively dyed and cut my hair. Of course, I needed to have a mandatory new-haircut photoshoot, so I wore this dress out to the Lakefill with my friend Isabella. She took some lovely pictures of me as we chilled by the lake and de-stressed for a while.

The second outfit is this really cute blush romper I wore out to Chicago when my family first arrived. I love this piece because you can wear it for so many different occasions. I love the beachy vibe for the summer, and you can just pair it with sandals, like I did, for a day out, or wear nicer shoes and accessories to dress it up. My family and I just walked through the Loop and did the usual touristy activities in Chicago.

The third outfit is proof that I can never truly stop wearing black. This black slip shift dress is my ideal dress tbh because I can just wear it by itself with some cute heels for a night out, or wear a t-shirt under it for a more casual day look.

Heels from Calvin Klein from Nordstrom (I couldn't find the same pair, but I linked a similar one)

And, of course, the usual pictures of me struggling against the wind.

I'm not big on accessories, and I love how all of these pieces look really nice and chic just by themselves; my aesthetic is to always look dressed up with minimal effort. I hope you guys like these outfits/find some summer inspiration from my looks. Thanks for reading!


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