Sunday, March 26, 2017

spring fashion: rompers and dresses

Spring break is, unfortunately, over. I just spent this break exploring Chicago, hanging out with some friends, going to different performances around the city, going thrifting and having breakfast at different coffee shops every day (arguably the best part of the break). What did you guys do for spring break?

Even though spring is supposed to be here, Chicago weather keeps teasing us, and the weather has been all over the place lately. I am so excited for spring to be here, though, because the gloomy winter days have become so dull and boring. I am also tired of wearing so many layers of clothes! Thick sweaters and fuzzy socks felt exciting and cozy in November, but now I'm just ready to put them away. I am really looking forward to spring fashion: the pastel colors, the light fabrics, and the flower patterns.

Since I'm so pumped about spring fashion, I thought I would start sharing some of the trends I have been loving and will definitively be wearing this season. Comment what you guys are looking forward to wearing this spring!

One of the main things I'm looking forward to for the spring is bringing back the shorts and rompers! In Colombia, I would wear them all the time but here in Chicago I've been wearing leggings and jeans for the last four months. I've been looking for rompers in online stores and found the cutest rompers from Stylewe. They are also discounted so that is always a plus! These are some of my favorites:

AOFULINavy Blue Elephant Pattern Embroidered Three Piece Romper

SFEISHOW: White Two Piece Cotton-blend Casual Pierced Romper with Belt

These rompers would be so cute for the spring time because of how flowy and fresh they look! The details on the fabrics are so beautiful, you'll definitely look casual chic with any of these! That's the best thing about rompers: you can just throw one on and you'll look so chic without even really trying.

During the winter is was hard to dress up for parties because it was so cold I just wanted to cover myself up with anything I found that would keep me warm. I'm looking forward to wearing nice, fancy dresses during the spring without feeling like I'm freezing! Here are some beautiful party dresses from Stylewe that are just spectacular.

MASKED QUEEN: Navy Blue Asymmetric Bodycon Short Sleeve Cotton Mini Dress

Angel Eyes: Navy Blue Sleeveless Appliqued Ruffled Swing Party Dress

These two dresses are really different in style but I'm in love with both of them. I'm obsessed with both the defined shape of the first one and the contrasting flowy fabric of the second! Also, dark blue is my favorite color so of course, these dresses are perfect for me.

I also found some really cute sexy party dresses for spring from Stylewe!

Aquarius: Light Blue A-line Sexy Crocheted Lace Mini Dress

This crocheted lace dress is gorgeous! It seems like I'll be loving the detailed fabrics like this one for the spring time!

I am honestly too excited for spring! I come from a country where 70 degrees is considered cold because it is so incredibly hot all year long, and I never thought I would be excited about upcoming 60-degree weather like I am now! I will keep you guys updated with future spring outfit of the day posts!



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