Friday, March 17, 2017

ootd: velvet slip dress + cool kid shirt

Shoutout to the bruise on my arm.

I remember back in Colombia one of the things I would complain about the most regarding the ever-present and suffocating heat was the fact that it made me hate wearing clothes in general. Anything I would put on felt like I was consenting to feel even more imprisoned. I haven't been back for over six months and I still have impressively strong emotions about the heat, as you can tell. Even though it's not necessarily the best thing for it to be snowing in Chicago during spring break, here I can finally wear layers and survive. I've become obsessed with velvet slip dresses over t-shirts to the extent that I always want to be wearing this type of outfit. It's just such an effective way to look like you tried when you really just threw on a dress over some old t-shirt. That's the look I'm always going for: casually/effortlessly stylish.

So it's finally "spring break"! Well, actually, it's pretty darn cold and I have spent countless hours working on my resume and new website — definitely not spring and not necessarily a break, but, hey, at least it's been two day since I last had to rewatch "Y Tu Mamá También" for my Gender and Sexuality class, so that's a plus. I have also officially become obsessed with planning. I have spent more time planning out my break than actually enjoying the freedom. I think it might have to do with the fact that I have to do my taxes, so anything that can distract me from facing the fact that I am an adult person who has to do shit like taxes is very welcomed in my life. All jokes and cynicism aside, I'm planning on doing some cool stuff with my friends who live in Evanston/Chicago, because everyone else left. And because I love them, of course. Some of the stuff I've planned out includes going to a pretty interesting sex shop that sells stickers I must have (recommended by a girl in my Gender and Sexuality class)visiting several cafés and places for brunch, going thrifting, going to a dance performance at MCA and to Best of The Second City.

I am honestly so pumped for everything I have planned! I'm a city kid and I have been getting cabin fever on campus for the last few weeks tbh. It feels like the city like teases me or something. It's right there at eye-sight and yet there's so much going on that prevents us from coming together. It's like a disgustingly cliché unrequited love story.

I just downloaded Amy Poehler's audiobook for FREE on Audible, so let's hope more good things will come my way this break.

May your spring break be filled with velvet apparel,


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