Monday, March 13, 2017

ootd: stripes and dinosaurs, as usual

Two outfits I wore sometime in January... I'm still here, still breathing, still alive and finally back. Winter quarter has been pretty exciting but also rough. Regardless, I have taken the last couple of weeks to plan out in what direction I'm going to take this site from here on and I'm happy about the results. I have some really cool brand collabs coming up and just a bunch of posts in general. BE EXCITED.

Even though it's been a thousand years since I wore these two outfits, I thought they could help to portray what to wear in Chicago during the winter and survive. Mind you, this was a very mild winter, I've been told, but it still was fucking cold for this naive girl from Cali, Colombia. Here's what I learned about the winter: it physically hurts. It's like a burning sensation and then you look at your knuckles and they are bleeding and you're v confused because no one told you that happened. Wear a scarf, wear gloves and wear a hat. Honestly, no matter what coat you have, they make an extraordinary difference. Also, put your hands in your pockets so you don't get bloody knuckles. Your face will hurt, especially when it's windy, so, if you're not feeling the whole balaclava look, wrap your face in your fluffy scarf so your eyes are the only thing visible. You could go the extra mile and wear fake reading glasses (even though you have real ones, which you stubbornly refuse to wear) so the wind doesn't blind you. There's no shame in that.

Top from Zara? lol? idk?
Overalls from Topshop

Hat from Abercombie

Scarf from Abercombie

This outfit is for milder weather. However, tights are surprisingly warm, especially the ones that have a fleece lining on the inside.

Dress from Forever 21
Sweater from American Apparel (# rip in peace)

Shoes from Doc Martens
Socks are from some store in Colombia

I'll soon post a full on guide to winter apparel and such. I looked for one of those like crazy before coming here to college but found nothing decently helpful, so I'll try my best.

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  1. Es un placer volver a leerte, tu vestuario es fabuloso
    Quedo en espera de tus comentarios para asesorarme sobre qué es lo más indicado para usar en el invierno


I appreciate every single comment! Thank you so much for taking the time! I love reading your thoughts and opinions. :)