Thursday, August 4, 2016

turning 19: 5 days in bogotá

Hey everyone!

Last week I went to Bogotá for 5 days, part of the trip was to celebrate my 19th birthday there. Why? Well, I kinda like it there more than I do Cali, because it's really hot here, there is not much to do, and there are no Starbucks. All very valid reasons. I also thought maybe I could meet up with people from my school and say goodbye before I go to Chicago, but, of course, that did not end up happening, but you can't really force people to like you so I kind of expected this. That was partially kidding. I did meet up with two of my favorite people, and I don't say that just because they are willing to put up with me: they are actually cool and nice. I could also share some time with my family and my aunt, who lives there. I had a pretty cool time. On my birthday I went out for breakfast (my favorite thing to do), I went to the movies (I watched The Secret Lives of Pets on my 19th birthday, but I swear I have no problem dealing with growing up) and finally, I went out to a really nice restaurant for dinner. While I was there I thought: why just talk about the things I did on my blog when I can show them? I did not want to bring my camera with me because it's kind of dangerous, but I did shoot some videos with my iPhone and edited them together. This is kind of like a video diary and I'm thinking about making more of them in the near future. Everything was shot on an iPhone and it's not particularly aesthetic or anything fancy. However, I hope you enjoy! The next one I do will be shot with my camera!

I recommend you click on the link to watch it on Vimeo.

Bogota Video Diary from Maria on Vimeo.

I got some stuff for my birthday and I thought I would share them with you guys.

I got these slippers from a store called Oysho, which sells things like lingerie, pjs, sports clothing, etc. They are really cute and I love cats, so that's all the reasons I needed to buy them. I'm planning on using them when I'm in college in my dorm.

When I found this t-shirt at Forever 21 my boyfriend said I could put a piece of tape and write down my username for people to follow me on Instagram. I might just do that. Btw, it's @immariav, please follow meee.

This crop top which I love but I am not sure how I will wear it in the fall in Chicago. I definitely will, I just don't know how yet.

Another sort of crop top that I also love.

This t-shirt says "Halloween couture" and has a little bat on it, which is I think is really cute. I also just want graphic t-shirts because I don't have many. I used to have a lot of band t-shirts, but they either look disgusting now because I wore them too much, or I gave them away because I am no longer into those bands.

I was given this really cute tea box with my name on it. It is full of tea bags that also have my name on them. As the self-absorbed person I am, I love this too much. I don't know what kind of tea it even is, but it smells kind of herbal.

My boyfriend got me this really cute Tiny Cat book, full of pictures of tiny kittens in different scenarios. He also got me a Starbucks gift card I am planning on using when I get to Chicago.

My mom gave me two things from a jewelry store called Mercedes Salazar: the cat bracelet (it is actually made out of a coin which is pretty cool) and the alien emoji necklace. My boyfriend got me the other golden necklace, which is so pretty and I am actually impressed at how good he is at getting me great gifts.

Finally, the last thing I got (another gift from my boyfriend) were these rings. They fit perfectly which is rare because most rings are usually too big for my fingers.

I guess I'll have to start wearing more gold details now that I got all of this!

Thanks a lot for reading! And watching!



  1. Qué buen viaje, espectacular el vídeo... La comida se ve deliciosa, muy linda en la celebración del cumpleaños
    Hermosisima la gata, se ve que t ama mucho
    Un abrazo Espichau, de nuevo feliz cumpleaños y la mejor energía para esta nueva etapa de tu vida

  2. I really like your video and photos :D thanks for stopping by on my blog :*

    1. Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. I love the red crop top and the jewellery - so pretty!

    Alice from Girl Abroad


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