Monday, August 1, 2016

summer outfits: floral pants


I'm back with two other summer looks. The both include floral pants/shorts and a plain top. I guess that's something I'm into right now.

Top from Urban Outfitters
Pants from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Urban Outfitters
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I wore this outfit to go out for brunch. I've had these pants for the longest time but just now did it occur to me to pair them with a plain crop top. I think it looks very summery and sort of romantic.

Shirt from American Apparel
Shorts form Zara Kids
Shoes from Olivia
Backpack from Minto

This outfit is more colorful and fun. I'm usually not into oranges or yellows, but for some reason I really like this look. There is something kind of childlike about it that I enjoy for the summer.

Look at me pretending to walk! Does it look realistic?

This is a really cute new mini backpack I got a couple of days ago at a local store. It is by the same brand as the purse I talked about in this post. I'm obsessed with it, especially because I can actually fit all of my stuff in it. It also kind of makes me feel like I'm going out to explore the city or something.

Thanks a lot for reading! Hope you guys liked the outfits!


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