Wednesday, July 27, 2016

update + new schedule + why 19 is a weird age


I think I keep you guys pretty updated on my life here, but I still have some things I want to share. I am currently in Bogotá to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. I am turning 19 which feels really weird. I'm almost 20! That feels unreal. Also, 19 is a weird age to be. You are not really a teenager anymore, but you are not 20 yet. My friend said something that's so accurate which is that nobody celebrates being 19. Like, when you turn 18 there's some sort of excitement because you're kind of an adult and all that fun stuff. Turning 20 also feels like a huge deal because you officially turn into an adult. 19 is a weird in-between. This is going to sound really strange but I have always felt kind of bad for people who are 19. I just think "oh, you're 19, that's such a boring age, I'm so sorry". And now I'm (almost) 19. I honestly feel like many aspects of my life are much like being 19 in that they are weird in-betweens. For example, I'm not short, but I'm not tall either. I'm like stuck with a mediocre height. What do you guys think about my thoughts on being 19?

What else is new? I am starting college at Northwestern University on September. I keep repeating that hoping someone will comment "me too" or "I'm a sophomore there".  Please. If you want to read more about my college application/decision experience, check out this post. I am super excited and a bit nervous. There's just so much I want to do while I'm there! I'm a radio/tv/film major, and I really want to double major in creative writing.

Is this blog even readable? I feel like I write exactly how I think. I obviously don't think using proper grammar, as you can tell. Let's move on.

It's about time I come up with a posting schedule! I kind of regret not doing this before, but I can't really change the past. I will post twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. Somedays I don't feel motivated to do anything other than watch Grace Helbig videos, so hopefully this schedule will help me stay on track. I will not be posting tomorrow (Thursday), because I posted today. However, expect a ootd post on Monday!

Thanks a lot for reading!



  1. Happy Birthday my perfect princess!

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  3. Feliz Cumpleaños!!!! Q este sea un año maravilloso
    Abracito Espichau


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