Wednesday, July 20, 2016

style the music icon: gwen stefani

Hey everyone!

Today I'm doing something a little bit different: I'll be recreating music icon Gwen Stefani's style. I wanted to pick something she has worn recently but I could not choose only one look (I just like them too much), so I picked one "day look" and one "nigh look". All of the items I used to recreate the looks can be found on Farfetch, an online fashion company where you can find styles from different boutiques all in one place. I encourage you guys to check it out because I've loved it!

Day Look

These denim overalls are perfect for the summer. They look super comfortable, casual but cool. And, of course, they are pretty similar to what Gwen is wearing.

These boots with fringes could work to recreate the ones she is wearing. The gold necklace is probably my favorite piece of the whole outfit, and I feel in love with this Marc Jacobs one as soon as I saw it on the site.

These Vera Wang sunglasses are pretty similar to her big, square sunglasses. And, of course, you can't forget the signature red lipstick.

Night Look

This red silk dress is gorgeous and pretty similar to the one she is wearing.

From the picture she seems to be wearing a lipstick that is a darker shade of red. Her shoes are also red and seem to be velvet, like these ones.

So what do you guys think? I personally would wear every single item here! Hope you guys liked the looks/ think they resemble Gwen Stefani's style. I also encourage you guys to check out Farfetch's playlist, Songs from the Shoot, here. I highly recommended, especially if you guys like Maxwell. That's all for today! Hope you guys like this post and let me know which look was your favorite!

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  1. Muxhas gracias por compartir tus sitios para adquirir ropa y accesorios como es FARFETCH Maravillosas ideas

  2. That dress is SO gorgeous! Xx


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