Monday, June 27, 2016

summer 2016: going out more often

Happy summer everyone!

Summer 2016 is one of the few summers in which I will not be traveling somewhere outside Colombia. This is because I'm leaving to Chicago in September for university. Even though I would love to travel, staying home in Cali, Colombia gives me a chance to explore my city and have some fun last experiences here before I start college. I want to make this summer all about experiences, which is exactly why my plans involve going out more often. I personally love going out and I take advantage of any chance I get to go outside, it doesn't even matter where. However, I'm aware many people's plans for the summer consist of spending hours in front of a screen and I would like to inspire you guys to stay away from that. Summertime is the perfect time to get out of the house and attend different events that will actually be enriching.

I don't live in a very big or exciting city. I complain about the lack of things there is to do here all the time. However, I have learned that just getting out of the house and doing something (especially with other people) can be a great experience if you decide to make it one. Here are some ideas of things I'm planning to do this summer, and I will update you on how they turn out after I actually do them. Even though this can be more helpful to my readers here in Cali, I hope I can inspire everyone to go out more often.

1. Coffee dates with different people

I love coffee and I love talking to people, so it's no surprise my favorite thing to do is go on coffee dates with different people. It's a great way to spend time with someone and listen to all of their different stories. I'm excited about doing this more often because during the school year I really did not have enough time to just chill out and talk to someone.

2. Going to the movies

As a soon-to-be film student, of course I love watching films and TV shows. However, instead of staying home and binge watching shows on Netflix, I love going to the movies with anyone who is willing to come with me. Some of the movies I have watched/will watch when they come out this summer are: Finding Dory, The Surprise, The Conjuring 2, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Independence Day, and Ghostbusters. I personally just go watch anything that's screening, I don't even care what genre or the reviews the movie has gotten, because to me just going to the movie theater is a really fun experience. I am also planning to go to a local museum's independent movie theater which screens different foreign and Colombian films.

3. Photowalks

I love talking pictures but I usually don't have enough time because I'm only focusing on taking OOTD pictures for the blog. This summer I want to just take walks around the city with my camera and take pictures. I'm looking forward to sharing them here on the blog as well! I know there are groups of people here in Cali that go on photowalks together, but I personally enjoy being alone with someone close to me when I do them.

4. Going to museums

The last time I went to a museum was last December so I'm excited about doing this. I will soon be attending the exhibitions at the Museo la Tertulia here in Cali.

5. Going to concerts

Even though we don't have huge music festivals here during the summer, I am planning to attend the concerts the Philharmonic Orchestra of Cali will be doing. Not only do I enjoy them, but it's also a great reason to dress up.

If you guys are looking for some events in your area I encourage you to use Eventbrite, the largest self-service ticketing platform. It is a great way to find different local events of any kind, whether that is classes, parties, concerts, etc, and you can also create your own events!

What are you guys planning to do this summer? I hope my list inspires you and that you can find some fun events to attend to using Eventbrite. Remember to share how you are planning to make this summer all about GOMO!

Thanks a lot for reading!



  1. It is great to have plans for the summer so you actually end up doing something. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Qué buena información, esta excelente para hacer mis planes de verano y seguir disfrutando de Cali al máximo
    Como siempre muy actual y pertinente tus escritos, gracias

  3. R u gonna keep writting when u leave to college?

  4. I really need to make a list of what I would like to do this summer. I definitely need to read more and I attended a concert a few days ago which was amazing! :)

    What Sarah Writes

  5. It's so important to get out and enjoy your summer! Hope you have a lovely time! xx

  6. Excelentes recomendaciones para disfrutar de Cali y su clima, gracias!


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