Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy sunday: coffee appreciation

Collage of pictures of me drinking coffee (2013-2016).

I have no excuse for not posting in like two weeks, but I have not been feeling inspired lately. I've been trying really hard to come up with an idea for a post with no success. After reading several posts on how to overcome writer's block, I asked myself "what is something I'm passionate about?" and coffee came to mind. I love coffee in all of its forms and have been accused of being a coffee addict on several occasions. I thought I could write about why I love coffee so much, you know, as an alleged coffee addict.

Coffee is appropriate for any occasion wether that is meeting new people, doing homework, waking up in the morning, looking for inspiration, etc. I do need to emphasize that coffee in the morning is just magical. Coffee in the mornings is like waking up to a delicious cup of literal pleasure. It sounds like an exaggeration but it just feel so right. However, I do drink coffee all day long, it's never really had an effect on my energy levels. But still, I feel like coffee in the morning just tastes even better for some reason.

I feel like coffee is a way in which I attempt to control my stress levels too. Coffee really calms me down, it is soothing and relaxing. I can do almost anything while drinking coffee and it becomes more enjoyable. I totally sound like an addict, but I'm not! Maybe my brain connects the taste of coffee with the feeling of relaxation and overall happiness because some of the best memories I have include coffee.

Sometimes I feel like drinking coffee is the best way to get inspired and share with others. I drink coffee when I'm just thinking by myself, or when I'm listening to other people and their ideas. I mean, drinking coffee by myself is perfect for doing homework or just when I'm chilling watching a film or something. Either when I'm meeting new people or just hanging with old friends, coffee is also perfect for conversations. Some of the most memorable conversations I've had have been while drinking coffee with someone.

What kind of coffee do you guys like? I feel like you can learn a lot about a person by how they have their coffee. I won't lie.. I kind of don't trust people that do not like coffee. Right now I'm having it black (with the occasional exception of a white chocolate mocha), but I used to have cappuccinos or iced lattes a lot before. I'm in the process of cutting out milk so that's why black coffee has been my favorite lately. Before, my favorite combination was cappuccino with vanilla, because I obviously love vanilla.

I've just come up with the idea of making a post every Sunday under the category "happy sunday", to write a bit about different topics and ideas I have. It's about time this blog gets a schedule!

Thanks a lot for reading!


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  1. Mmmm ... Nos damos cuenta que te encanta el cafĂ© 😋
    Personalmente no bebo mucho café, sin embargo la próxima vez que esté escribiendo un artículo científico seguiré tu concejo
    Qué bien q ahora todos los domingos nos regales tu VANILLE


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