Friday, April 8, 2016

update: on university and my vision

This past week has been crazy. I have received great news from different universities. I'm actually planning on making a whole post about university applications and revealing where I decide to go to sometime next month. Anyway, yes, receiving acceptances and scholarships has been extremely exciting and it makes me incredibly happy, yet it's stressful to make a decision! One day I feel like I'm sure about committing to one school, but then the next I change my mind completely! The two universities I'm torn between are Chapman University and Northwestern University. They are great universities and I love so many things about both! My major is film btw. If anyone reading this post has any helpful information about these two universities, please let me know!
I've spent most of my time these last few weeks researching the universities and trying to make a decision, so sorry I haven't been posting. However, I did create an account on Befitted, an amazing site in which you can share pictures of your outfits and people can buy the same (or similar) clothes. I've loved it so far! You guys should totally join and check out my outfits! You can also see the sizes I wear and my measurements as a guide.

Here's an example of a look I posted:

Story time.

I was in my colombina/latin american history class on Monday and I was feeling pretty tired and sleepy. I made my sweater into a nice little pillow on my desk and rested my head there. The way my face was positioned, my right eye was covered by the sweater, so I could only see with my left eye. My teacher stood a few feet away from me but for some reason I could not seem to get him "in focus". He looked blurry and hazy. I immediately sat up to look at him with both of my eyes. I could see him perfectly. I closed my right eye and he looked blurry again. Needless to say, that is how I figured out I am short-sighted on my left eye. What a great story. I had an appointment with a doctor a few days ago and she told me to go back in a week, just to make sure it isn't anything serious, just myopia. If everything remains the same, I will be wearing glasses sometime soon. I have actually always wanted to wear glasses; I was jealous of my brother when he was diagnosed with myopia four years ago. Am I excited about getting cool frames? Yes, very much so. Am I happy with this whole situation? No, it sucks. I keep closing my right eye and the blurriness makes me feel defective. Like why is my left eye not working what is wrong with my body.

Hope you enjoyed reading this messy update! Thanks for reading!



  1. Noooo ... Espero que tu ojo izquierdo este mejor y q solo sea algo pasajero ...
    FELICITACIONES por tus resultados con las diferentes universidades


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