Saturday, March 12, 2016

what makes me feel confident?

Hey everyone!

I was recently inspired by Adore Me and their video with YouTuber Loey Lane, in which she talks about confidence. We all have imperfections that makes us who we are and we should work them instead of stressing over them. Concentrating on things that make me insecure is a time consuming and unproductive habit, that I am progressively learning to get rid of. Loey Lane talks about how lingerie, and just feeling sexy for herself in general, makes her feel confident.
This is the video, you guys should check it out:

There are many different things that make me feel confident. One of them is being true to my personal style, which is the reason I have this blog.

Everybody can feel confident in their own way. The video portrays how women can be empowered by different things: some women feel empowered by pursuing their dream career, some feel empowered by being vocal about their rights, some by what they wear and so on. As a person who is obviously interested in personal style, I believe fashion can be extremely empowering as a form of art and self-expression. My personal style makes me feel confident, it makes me feel truly in touch with myself and my own interests. Physical appearance is something people judge without understanding, especially if your personal style is different from what most people around you are wearing. Even though through the years I have found it hard to express my personal style, sometimes worrying about other's opinions, I now realize that I only need my own approval, not anyone else's.

When I feel good with what I am wearing, when I feel like I'm being true to myself and my emotions, I know nothing anybody says is going to make me feel less confident. Dressing up, to me, is like combining all of my thoughts, emotions and aesthetic inspirations into an outfit. It is art in a way because you decide what you want to do with your own body. You wear what you feel you look good in and decide which version of yourself you want the rest of the world to see. Whether I'm wearing a nice dress or an outfit that could basically pass as pjs, if when I look in the mirror I like the representations of myself and I feel beautiful, I will feel confident. For some reason, wearing dresses, Dr. Martens and sunglasses always seems to give me that little extra boost of confidence.

Having a blog can be terrifying at times. Especially when I'm not feeling very confident about myself, because I'm exposing myself and my style to anyone, and I never know what people's opinions will be. However, blogging makes me happy and that is what's important. Some people will like it, some people won't, but as long as it's making me happy I will keep doing it with confidence.

What makes you guys feel confident?

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  1. Me encanta la forma simple como explicas conceptos que puede ser complejos
    Estoy de acuerdo con lo q dices, una manera de sentirme mejor conmigo misma se ve reflejada en cómo me visto en mi día a día
    Muchas gracias por tus escritos tan interesantes y actuales

  2. Super Real todo lo q expresas, lo q importa es ser uno mismo su propia pieza de arte sin acomplejarnos x opiniones de otros.

  3. Muy interesante
    Muchas gracias, me encanto Adore me 😍


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