Wednesday, March 2, 2016

update: patterns and Starbucks

I feel like a terrible person when I don't post for over a week. Like I literally feel guilty every time I think about it. I've just been busy these last couple of weeks, not even so much with actual work, but I've just been worrying a lot about school stuff, and university stuff and just life in general. It's funny because I'm worrying about so many different things right now I don't even know which one to concentrate on. I was just worrying about something personal, but then I remembered I have a Spanish presentation for tomorrow and that overshadowed the thing I was initially worrying about.

Last weekend I went to Bogotá and spent some time with my boyfriend, who I hadn't seen in a month. I generally enjoy going to Bogotá for the nice cold weather and big city feel, and yes, because it's the only city in the country where there is Starbucks. You can judge all you want. Unfortunately, I chose not to take my camera with me due to the fact that I was just staying for a couple of days and because I would be out all day and would have to carry it with me wherever I went. I was riding a lot of cabs, going to restaurants  and the movies, so I just decided those are all places where I did not want to have to worry about my camera. It is unfortunate though because I wore very interesting 70s inspired outfits the two days I was there hanging out with my boyfriend. It pains me to post OOTD pictures taken with phones, but I just have to show you these outfits.

Anyways, here are the outfits. Both of the "statement" pieces are from Zara, and I'm guessing they just had a 70s inspired collection. They both have really nice prints and colors which makes them perfect to pair with black.

So this is the romper I wore on Saturday to go out for dinner. I'm also wearing my cozy faux fur crop coat (I guess I could call it) from H&M.

And this is what I wore on Friday. I paired the shirt with a black velvet skirt and the same faux fur coat.

To continue with the update, I watched 58 episodes of The Most Popular Girls in School in two days and I don't know if i regret it or if that show is true cinematic art. Please send help.

Please forgive my negligence. Thanks so much for reading!


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