Monday, March 21, 2016

mustard and flowers

Happy Spring!

After a week of binge watching The Most Popular Girls in School and thinking way too much of people's opinions about me/this blog, I was contacted by another brand for a collaboration and that is all I needed to get back on track. I have been in a pretty great mood these last couple of days because I got a really amazing scholarship from Chapman University. I was also accepted to Northwestern University, Boston University and Emerson College! I'm just very excited about university acceptances right now!

So, these are two outfits I have wore lately and I feel like they both have a 70s vibe to them, but one is more casual and the other one is dressier. I would love the embrace the 70s style for the spring but I think my closet is too eclectic to stick to one style for a long period time. Anyway, the first outfit I wore yesterday to go out with my boyfriend all day. The heels I wore are really comfortable by the way, we walked a bit and they didn't hurt at all, and, of course, they make me feel taller which is always good. The second outfit I actually wore two weeks ago to a friend's surprise birthday party.

Shirt from Bershka
Dress from Topshop

Dress from Zara
Heels form Miu Miu

I'm on spring break so expect plenty of posts this week. Like always thanks for reading!

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  1. A surprise birthday party sounds like fun. I'm digging the 70s-inspired dress. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Como siempre fantástica tu forma de combinar la ropa, los accesorios
      Felicitaciones por todas esas universidades que te han aceptado
      Eres sorprendente

  2. Both outfits are great! 70's style is suiting you perfectly! Congrats with the Universities!

    Aurelie |

  3. I am in love with them outfits, They are so cute oh my gosh!! They are adorable ♥
    And Congratulations with the universities! :)

    Megan |


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