Friday, December 25, 2015

merry and bright

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas, even though it gets hectic and stressful at times. It's still the most wonderful time of the year (I amuse myself with my own puns), although it would be even better if it actually were winter here in Colombia. It was like 80 something degrees yesterday. Not very christmasy. Yesterday we held a christmas party at my house (the first one we've held in years) and we had a really nice time. Here's what I wore:

My room's super messy as everything usually is during the holidays...

Here's some of the snacks we served before the actual dinner. These are some typical Colombian christmas foods, such as buñuelos, arequipe and hojaldras.

These are called buñuelos and they are so good.

Top from Urban Outfitters
Skirt from Zara
Heels from Sacks 5th Avenue

I think it's the first time I don't wear red for christmas, but I just had to wear this skirt. I love anything sparkly.

One year ago, I was in Orlando with my family. I keep remembering that trip and feeling all nostalgic about it. But I mean, it's not christmas is you're not feeling somewhat sad and stressed out about the homework you should be doing. I've actually been to Orlando the past two christmases so it's weird not to be there right now.

Christmas 2013:
At Animal Kingdom.
Christmas 2014:

This is actually at the hotel but we went to Universal Studios that day.

Unfortunately, I didn't wear a Santa hat this year.

Thanks for reading! I hope y'all have a wonderful christmas! My plan is watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and drinking tea.



  1. Feliz Navidad!!!
    Precioso el outfit, la combinación de los colore muy apropiados para la Navidad
    Me encanta !!!
    Tigger es un gato muy curioso🐱

  2. I love your outfit, you looked amazing!

  3. Great post, Merry Christmas!

    Best wishes,

    Camille xo

  4. Your outfit looks gorgeous and perfect for this festive season! I had never head about these snacks but they sound delicious. Happy holidays :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Thanks a lot! They are all typical Colombian snacks and if you ever get the chance I recommend you try them (especially the buñuelo). :)

  5. It's always nice to read your entries, I love your word choice... I hope this new year you write more into it... My best wishes

  6. Those christmas lights are so cute!

    from helen at

    1. Aren't they?? We keep them all year round because they just make the living room look very nice and cozy! Thanks!


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