Monday, June 8, 2015

graduation party

Hey everyone!

No, it's not my graduation. My boyfriend graduated on Saturday and now I have a bittersweet feeling when I think about my graduation next year. Of course I want to get the heck out of high school and I'm completely sure I won't miss 99% of my classmates, but everything changes when you graduate because you have to face the so-called "real life". I can't even believe I'm turning 18 in less than two months; I'm too young to turn 18! Life is getting weird, you guys. Anyway, if you are wondering about the party (you probably aren't) it sucked. Here's what I wore though:

Dress from Saks Fifth Avenue
Purse from Kate Spade
Shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue

Thanks for reading!



  1. You two are adorable together! Love the dress!

  2. Amazing post dear!

  3. Graduation party!! That’s amazing dear! I am also waiting for my graduation party. This party will be held at one of best outdoor event space Chicago and this thing is making us even more excited for the day to come!


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