Monday, June 29, 2015

summer outfits for hot days

Hey everyone!

It's been extremely hot here in Cali (Colombia) lately. It's even been between 36 and 39 degrees Celsius (that is between 97 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit). Weather like this sucks. Even though I never really feel like wearing clothes at all when it's that hot, here are two outfits I've recently worn that I think are nice and flowy for the summertime. I'm sorry the pictures don't have the best lighting and are taken indoors, but I haven't really been outside the past few days. I promise the pictures for the next few posts will be taken at cooler locations! I think the first outfit is more of a daytime outfit to go out with friends (or alone) to get some ice cream or coffee, while the second outfit is more of a dinner/tea party kind of outfit. That probably didn't make any sense, but, if I knew more than one person that was willing to hang out with me, I would wear the first outfit for a daytime event and the second one for a more organised nighttime event. No, I don't daydream about stuff like that. I'm completely sane, I swear.

Dress and heels from Urban Outfitters

My arm camouflages with the wall. Damn. 

This is a smoothie I made with almond milk, bananas and blackberries. It's really good!

Dress from Anthropologie
Heels from Swedish Hasbeens

I don't think you guys can tell but I cut my hair. It's still pretty long for most people, but this is the shortest I've had my hair for a really long time. I cut off almost 8 inches but my hair was extremely long so that's why it's barely noticeable.

Anyway, I want to know what you guys think about my outfits. Also, should I cut my hair shorter or leave it like this? Please let me know! Thanks so much for reading!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

summer popsicles!

Hey everyone!

I have four awesome and easy summer recipes for y'all. They actually aren't real recipes... they are popsicle recipes and I'm not sure they count. I have nothing to do until July 11th, so I've decided to get creative and that's how I came up with this post. I hope you guys like it!

1. Coffee popsicle

Things you'll need:

- Popsicle mold
- Coffee
- Sweetened condensed milk

Pour the coffee into the popsicle mold. Add the sweetened condensed milk (how much is up to you). Stir and freeze for 3 hours. These are soooo good, especially for the coffee lovers like me.

2. Mango and green tea popsicles

Things you'll need:

- Popsicle mold
- Mangos
- Green tea. I recommend brewing the tea instead of buying bottled green tea. I used Sencha Organic Green Tea.

First, brew some green tea in hot (not boiling) water. Then make the mango juice, but instead of using water use the green tea you just made. Place the juice in the popsicle mold and freeze for 3 hours.

3. Vanilla popsicles

Things you'll need:

- Popsicle mold
- 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
- 2 cups of milk, almond milk, soy milk... any milk you like (soy milk is my favorite)
- 2 tablespoons of sugar

Mix the milk, vanilla and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Then pour the mixture into the popsicle mold. Let it freeze for 3 hours.

4. Peach and raspberry popsicles

Things you'll need: 

- Popsicle mold
- Peaches
- Raspberries

Make peach juice and raspberry juice, and then fill half the mold with peach juice and the other half with raspberry juice. Freeze for 3 hours.

Hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

blue on blue

Hey everyone!

So summer break finally started and I'm excited for everything I'll be doing this summer. I'll be changing around some stuff here on the blog because it's been about six months since I began blogging and it's something I've really enjoyed and I want to get more serious with this. Serious in a fun way, if that makes sense. I promise I won't neglect this blog again like I did in May!

I also wanted to do something with my hair for a change this summer! I'm super excited about that, but I'm still in the process of getting my mom to take me to a hair saloon. Fingers crossed. I'll make a post as soon as something happens!!!

Today for father's day we went out for breakfast and then we watched Poltergeist. Shoutout to my dad for following me around the park and taking pictures of my outfit! I'm really loving this outfit for daytime events. Also, blue is probably my favorite color so I think it's awesome that this only consists on different shades of blue. The heels may not be so comfortable, but I love the vintage vibe they have. 

Dress from Anthropologie
Heels from Zara
Bag from Kate Spade

I hope you guys are having a great summer! Thanks for reading!


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Monday, June 15, 2015

it's always summer somewhere


I feel like this is the first time I've taken ootd pictures outdoors. I asked my boyfriend to take these pictures before we went to the movies to watch Jurassic World (it's the second time I watch it this weekend btw), and the streets were so deserted we could even take pictures in the middle of the road. It was a pretty fun little photoshoot and we brainstormed some ideas for future ones. I'm always skeptical about taking my camera outside because I'm afraid someone might steal it or something though. Also, I just wanted to warn you people that these jeans are huge on me and you can totally tell but I just like them a lot anyway. 

Shirt from MNG
Jeans from Gap
Shoes from Urban Outfitters
Bag from Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses from Whole Foods (ha!)

Tomorrow I'm taking my last final exam (yay!), so wish me luck, and expect a lot of posts on the following weeks! Thanks for reading!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

lazy days

I'm actually thinking about doing a post about this so people that have the same problem can fix it easily. I tried literally everything I found online but nothing worked, so I had to post blurry pictures for over a month. Words cannot describe my happiness right now! They don't look as good as they do in Lightroom, but it's way better than before.

Anyway, I only had to take three finals this year, and I already took the two hard ones so it basically feels like I'm done with everything. Yesterday I watched three films and relaxed all afternoon. That's actually my ideal Friday afternoon because, like I mention in almost every single post, I hate social events and whatnot. I'm basically a 60 year-old woman stuck in the body of a 17 year-old girl. My boyfriend is in Cancun for his senior trip, and I texted him saying that a hotel full of teenagers would "give me the chills". I am a 60-year-old cat lady.

Basically this just what I wear on lazy days like this. There's really no point to this post. It's just me in my natural habitat. If you actually want to know where something is from do ask me!

Here are some pictures of my room my boyfriend has taken. Check out his VSCO grid (I think the quality of the pictures is better on his grid so go there to check them out). 

I'm going to watch Jurassic World today and I'm really excited to wear my Jurassic Park shirt to the movies (lol). And yes, I genuinely like those movies, don't judge.

Thanks for reading!