Friday, May 1, 2015

senior brunch


Today I had brunch with people. Like, seniors. That's always awkward to a certain degree. It was really nice though, I'm glad I went. And even though the word brunch will never stop making me picture a twenty-year-old woman, wearing a baby blue dress, eating with her friends and having champagne at a park in NYC (like what I would think of as the perfect Kate Spade poster girl), I have to admit the food was really good.

Skirt from Anthropologie
Top from Urban Outfitters

I finally got to wear a lovely skirt I got at Anthropologie last summer, which fills my heart with joy. I usually don't like skirts like this (I think the style is called high low, or something like that), but I feel in love with this one in particular because of its pattern. The "brushstrokes" at the bottom remind me of a cloudy sky when the sun is coming down. You know, when the sky turns into shades of purple, orange and pink, but the clouds are a deep turbulent shade of greyish blue.

I'm also taking the SAT tomorrow and I'm very nervous! Wish me luck!

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!


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  1. You look so pretty! Very nice skirt, it also reminds me of a slightly cloudy sky in a sunset.
    I wish you lots of luck for the SAT, just keep calm and everything will be fine!!

    1. Thanks a lot! :) I hope I did well on the SAT!

  2. Wooowwww simplemente maravillosa !!! Y hoy en el SAT, t va ir mas q bien, tienes las capacidades y la dedicaciĆ³n para q seas la mejor La luz t ilumina hoy y 100pre Un abrazo espichau


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