Sunday, May 10, 2015

penne all'amatriciana

Hey everyone!

I have two stories for you people *clears throat*. I anxiously waited for Friday all week long because I would finally have time to bake oatmeal cookies. My history teacher gave me his cookie recipe about a month ago, but I just didn't have enough time to bake until yesterday. The recipe looked pretty simple, so I was confident the cookies would turn out great. I invited some friends over to help me bake them, and everything went fine, until we tried the cookies. We failed. We failed miserably. If I ever thought I had failed at something before, I was wrong, because I had never known real failure until now. I really wanted to share the recipe with y'all, but I'm too depressed to do that. 

The second story is even more tragic. Yesterday I went to an event and wore a lovely lace dress. I took some nice pictures for the post I was planning to do, but a series of terrible things happened. When I uploaded the pictures to Blogger they looked like they had been taken using a squirrel (that means they looked crappy). You have no idea how many different sites I've tried, how many forums I've read, how many tricks I've attempted, but nothing is working! Long story short, after 4 freaking hours I finally came to the conclusion that there is something wrong with my Canon 6D. My boyfriend is going to try to help me update some things this week and hopefully everything will be fine for upcoming posts. Sigh. Life sucks and then you die, amirite?

This has been a terribly long intro, I'm sorry. Anyway, today for mother's day my dad decided to cook something for my mom. My dad cooks the best pasta ever, I'm not even joking. So I decided to share his recipe with y'all. I had to take all of the pictures with my iPhone, so they are not perfect. I hope you guys like this recipe though!

These ingredients are enough for four people.
- 10 tomatoes
- 680 grams of passata di pomodoro (we use an Italian brand called La Paesana... any brand would do,  just make sure it doesn't have any added flavors like onion or anything like that)
- One bag of basil leaves (you can add as much as you want to)
- Two tablespoons of sugar
- One tablespoon of salt (this is optional if you are going to add bacon)
- 500 grams of bacon (I don't eat pork but the rest of my family does, so I'll explain how we make that work)
- Dehydrated basil (again, as much as you want)
- One pound penne
- Olive oil

*Side note: you can add onions to spice it up, but we choose not to do it.

To make the pasta:
Just cook the pasta according the package directions and drain the water when it's done.

To make the sauce:
First, boil the tomatoes so you can peel them easily. After you peel them (you can remove the center as well), cut them and put them in the blender. Blend them and sprinkle the dehydrated basil (you can add as much or as little as you want). When the mixture has a liquid consistency, begin boiling it and add the basil leaves. At this point you should also add all of the passata di pomodoro and as much olive oil as you want. Mix everything well as it boils, until the mixture has a thick consistency.

To make the bacon:
Cut the bacon into little pieces and place it on a hot pan to let it fry by itself (don't add any extra oil or anything like that). When it's well done, remove all of the oil the bacon lets out.

The finished product: 
Then you should add the bacon to the sauce you made. BUT put some sauce aside before adding the bacon so the vegetarians can also eat. It's not nice when you add the bacon to all of the sauce because then we can't eat anything, ok? Then just add the finished sauce to the pasta and that's it! Of course, you can add parmesan cheese, salt, pepper or anything else to taste. 

I hope you liked this recipe! Thanks for reading!



  1. The penne looks delish!

    Sorry the cookies didn't turn out. I don't know what happened but there is this girl who went through and made a million batches of cookies and changed one thing each time and shows the different results: Maybe this will show where you went wrong?

    Good luck getting your camera fixed!

    1. Thank you! I still have to improve my baking skills...


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