Monday, March 30, 2015

mini spring haul!

Hey everyone!

How's spring treating you so far? I couldn't answer that question because I don't live in a country with seasons. Ha! However, I've seen a lot of bloggers posting about spring essentials/ spring make-up routines, and whatnot, so I've decided to make a mini spring haul for y'all. I haven't really gone shopping in a long time, but I've bought a few things recently, and they look pretty springy (at least to me they do).

My aunt went to Argentina and she got me these lovely shoes. They are really cute and comfortable!

They also look really nice with a stingray on them:

 My aunt also got my these "movie tights". They are each supposed to represent a different film, but the only one I know is The Birds.

The tights came with some really cool filmstrips. This one says: "ella se entusiasmó y yo le seguí la corriente."

I also got this pouch from a store called Boniko. It's really cute and springy (it literally says "spring" on it).

I got this other cute pouch from a store called Modadeko. 

I got this really awesome thing you paste on your wall that says "why wait?". Maybe it'll help me stop procrastinating so much. But honestly though, I think it's a really important message to keep in mind. 

I got this thermos to make detox water (I'm so excited!) and these really cool vinyl-shaped coasters.

Now for the beauty stuff (lol). I got the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in the shade "painted purple", which is a really pigmented deep purple.

I also wanted to give my boyfriend a shoutout. He takes the majority of the pictures for my outfit posts, because, obviously, I can't take my own pictures and model at the same time. He has a VSCO Grid with all of the pictures he takes, and you should totally check it out because his pictures are awesome. Here's a collage I made to show you guys some of his pictures, just click on it to check out his grid.

I also have a VSCO Grid (hehe), so make sure to check it out too ;) #selfpromotion

Thank you all for reading! Have a great Monday!



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  2. Muy buenas compras y excelentes fotos !!!

  3. Wow I'm in love with the giraffe pouch, it's gorgeous! xx

  4. Love the coasters! Great hall, you got some lovely bits - thanks for sharing :)
    Kirsty |

  5. The stingray really added something to this post, thank you for that (I love those shoes, btw).

  6. I love the vinyl coasters! Also I've nominated you to do the Liebster Award tag! You're mentioned in my post here:

    It's a great way of getting your blog noticed and also getting to know other bloggers! Once you've answered the questions let me know because I'd love to read them x

    1. Thank you so much! I'm very excited!


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