Monday, February 9, 2015

poetry and film stuff


It turns out the poetry video I mentioned on the last post didn't take as long to do as I thought it would. So basically my school has an annual poetry assembly each February, and this year they included a video poem category, because the worst part about poetry is reciting it in front of the whole high school. That's a fact. The cool thing about the video is I got to shoot (I love shooting films) and create a little story. The not so cool thing about the video is my voice is in it... and I'm reciting a poem. Basically, the whole high school still gets to hear my voice.

The poem me and my friend (I posted a bunch of pictures of her in my last post, her name is also Maria Antonia btw) chose is Rape Poem by Marge Piercy. It's a strong poem and I really like the message I am able to send by creating a short video to this poem.

Oh, and, yes, this blog is now called vanilla in french. How lovely.


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  2. Lol, awesome image and nice poem, i bet you didnt knew i read your blog (iam not a stalker, seriously)


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