Sunday, November 16, 2014

i get so lonely

Screenshots of Russian Red's relatively new music video for the song "Michael P". I'm really obsessed with this song right now. It makes my feel things I kind of don't want to feel. The whole album just speaks to me, and it's not because I can relate to any of her love or relationship experiences but because the vibe is so nostalgic. I had never really "lived" in the past until now. I'm more of a person who lives in the future, always daydreaming and not really actively being part of the present. A person who is very close to me once told me that he thinks I live in the future because I'm optimistic and because my future is full of possibilities and wonders. He said it seemed to him that I learned to appreciate the present while I was in New York this summer. I guess he was right. But now I'm living in a mixture of that past where I lived in the present, and the future. This album, and especially this particular song, brings back people from that past in a future atmosphere.

These are some other pictures that fit my mood.

Todd Hido, Homes at Night
Found it on Tumblr and can't find the source... sorry
Screenshot from Lost in Translation
Oscar Muñoz, Narcissi
Piotr Sokul
Nina Leen, Girl in Skating Ring

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