Sunday, April 9, 2017

memories in chicago

It has been two weeks into my Spring Quarter and I'm already feeling nostalgic about spring break. Let me know why I am the way that I am. Here are some pictures I took on a disposable camera I carried everywhere I went during the break. They have a nice vintage vibe to them that just makes me feel even more sentimental about stuff that happened literally two weeks ago. I decided to not edit them because, again, I'm irrationally sentimental and wanted to maintain the "rawness" or "authenticity" of the pictures, whatever that means.

The first pictures I took were at La Colombe in Andersonville. I have been around Andersonville (and to that particular La Colombe) twice and have really nice memories there. It's such a nice place to just walk around and explore. I also keep going into this store called The Wooly Mammoth, which is just a creepy/cool place and I simply cannot stop myself from going into and looking at the real human teeth they sell... help?

Ahh, Chloe's finger! A wonderful addition to any photograph.

Chloe's fingerS! Two is definitely better than one.

Some pictures at an L station and inside the train, because quality public transportation is my biggest turn on.

Outside The Second City. This was my first time going and it pretty cool.

And finally, a cool t-shirt pic at my friend's house in the north-east of Chicago.

Chicago is such an amazing city and I'm so happy to be here. I cannot wait to keep exploring the city and becoming familiar with it, especially now that it's spring. Thanks so much for reading!


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

spring essentials: sunglasses

I am a huge fan of sunglasses and one of the things I am most excited about for the spring is bringing them back out! I am so over the dull, foggy days and so ready for the sun to come back! I have found some really cool sunglasses from Warby Parker's new collection. I am all about the transparent frames right now. I've actually been looking for both reading and sunglasses with transparent frames for so long and I finally found the perfect ones! These newly-released shades come in different colors of flash lenses, my personal two favorites are the blue and purple ones. They are really the perfect combination of vintage-inspired frames with modern, eye-catching lenses. The cool thing about statement sunglasses like these is they will make any casual outfit look so much chicer and effortlessly cool. I have made mood boards for each of the two pairs to show you guys the outfits I would wear with them! Let me know what you think and what you would pair them up with!

The blue ones are perfect to spice up my usual casual, minimalist outfits. I could see myself wearing these sunglasses with denim, stripes and basic, plain colors such as white and different shades of gray and blue. These sunglasses combined with some nice metallic shoes allow you to keep the rest of the outfit minimalistic and plain but still look put together and chic, and I'm all about that effortlessly cool/somewhat-messy-but-trendy vibe. They would be perfect for a nice brunch on a Sunday morning with my friends, a.k.a. my definition of a perfect day.

The purple ones are absolutely amazing and I don't just say that because purple is the color of Northwestern (but Go 'Cats!). I can see myself wearing them, of course, with all of my school apparel (chic school pride is the best school pride) but also with more edgy outfits. I can see myself wearing them with anything from velvet burgundy, to light pastel colors, to oversized band t-shirts, and, of course, slip dresses paired with plain t-shirts. They really do have a cool girl vibe going on, which is a must-have in my book.

Let me know if you guys like the outfits and what you would wear sunglasses like these with!


Friday, March 31, 2017

spring fashion with bonobos

Continuing with the pre-spring (I guess we can call them that) fashion posts, today I have a really cool post about the vibes I will be going for this upcoming season, inspired by Bonobos, a menswear company with a specific focus on finding the perfect fit and style for all men. Their new spring collection has helped me shape my spring aesthetic: I am going for minimalism, with shades of grays, blues and white, and hints of metallic colors and pastels.

These are some of my favorite looks from Bonobo's Spring 2017 collection:

I'm loving the solid-colored pocket t-shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, and striped shirts! After several months of gloomy, foggy days here in Chicago, and wearing annoying layers of thick clothing, I am more than ready for sunny spring and minimalist styles! Light, flowy clothing and blues, grays, and white will definitely be present in my wardrobe this spring. This season I'll also definitely be bringing back the stripes. To spice it up, I'm thinking of relying on interesting details such as hints of metal and pastel-colored accessories like sunglasses, watches, and necklaces. Looking at menswear has also inspired me to look for statement shoes and structured bags that are more androgynous in style. Nonetheless, the occasional vintage-looking scarves and (also vintage-inspired) heels will be present as well. Finally, a hint of red is always welcome in all of my outfits, but that's just something that never goes out of style for me! 

Let me know what you guys think about this style for springtime and leave a comment with the looks you guys are excited to wear this season!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SheIn Coachella Giveaway! #sheincoachella

Let's begin this post with an uneventful personal anecdote. T'was back in 2013, when Phoenix had just released one of my favorite albums of all time, Bankrupt!, and I realized they were coming to Colombia to perform at a music festival called Estéreo Picnic. I was ecstatic: one of my favorite bands was actually coming to Colombia! That is a rare occurrence, lemme tell ya. Long story short, I was very much a minor in 2013 and, thus, could not actually go to the music festival. Rumor has it, I still have never attended a music festival.

So that was my introduction, now let's get to the point. I would love to go to Coachella and I know you all would too. This year's lineup includes some amazing artists and bands such as Lady Gaga, Lorde, Radiohead, Bastille, Real Estate and so many others. SheIn is having an incredibly amazing giveaway that could give you the chance to go to Coachella with a friend! The prize package includes 2 Coachella General Admissions wristbands, airfare for 2 and 2 nights accommodations. How crazy is that? It is super easy to participate, you just have to follow these 4 steps and you're in:

1) Download the SheIn App & create an account

This app is actually so cool, it makes shopping and browsing for looks so easy. My account name is "immariav" (of course), check out my profile!

2) Follow SheIn on Instagram & Facebook @sheinofficial

3) Like their post and leave your "SheIn username" in the comments

 4) Repost our "Ultimate Coachella" post with #sheincoachella, tag both @sheinofficial and one friend you will take to Coachella (very important)

The winner will be randomly selected and announced during SHEIN LIVE on March 30th at 6 pm PDT!

I hope all of you guys participate! Good luck!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

spring fashion: rompers and dresses

Spring break is, unfortunately, over. I just spent this break exploring Chicago, hanging out with some friends, going to different performances around the city, going thrifting and having breakfast at different coffee shops every day (arguably the best part of the break). What did you guys do for spring break?

Even though spring is supposed to be here, Chicago weather keeps teasing us, and the weather has been all over the place lately. I am so excited for spring to be here, though, because the gloomy winter days have become so dull and boring. I am also tired of wearing so many layers of clothes! Thick sweaters and fuzzy socks felt exciting and cozy in November, but now I'm just ready to put them away. I am really looking forward to spring fashion: the pastel colors, the light fabrics, and the flower patterns.

Since I'm so pumped about spring fashion, I thought I would start sharing some of the trends I have been loving and will definitively be wearing this season. Comment what you guys are looking forward to wearing this spring!

One of the main things I'm looking forward to for the spring is bringing back the shorts and rompers! In Colombia, I would wear them all the time but here in Chicago I've been wearing leggings and jeans for the last four months. I've been looking for rompers in online stores and found the cutest rompers from Stylewe. They are also discounted so that is always a plus! These are some of my favorites:

AOFULINavy Blue Elephant Pattern Embroidered Three Piece Romper

SFEISHOW: White Two Piece Cotton-blend Casual Pierced Romper with Belt

These rompers would be so cute for the spring time because of how flowy and fresh they look! The details on the fabrics are so beautiful, you'll definitely look casual chic with any of these! That's the best thing about rompers: you can just throw one on and you'll look so chic without even really trying.

During the winter is was hard to dress up for parties because it was so cold I just wanted to cover myself up with anything I found that would keep me warm. I'm looking forward to wearing nice, fancy dresses during the spring without feeling like I'm freezing! Here are some beautiful party dresses from Stylewe that are just spectacular.

MASKED QUEEN: Navy Blue Asymmetric Bodycon Short Sleeve Cotton Mini Dress

Angel Eyes: Navy Blue Sleeveless Appliqued Ruffled Swing Party Dress

These two dresses are really different in style but I'm in love with both of them. I'm obsessed with both the defined shape of the first one and the contrasting flowy fabric of the second! Also, dark blue is my favorite color so of course, these dresses are perfect for me.

I also found some really cute sexy party dresses for spring from Stylewe!

Aquarius: Light Blue A-line Sexy Crocheted Lace Mini Dress

This crocheted lace dress is gorgeous! It seems like I'll be loving the detailed fabrics like this one for the spring time!

I am honestly too excited for spring! I come from a country where 70 degrees is considered cold because it is so incredibly hot all year long, and I never thought I would be excited about upcoming 60-degree weather like I am now! I will keep you guys updated with future spring outfit of the day posts!


Friday, March 17, 2017

ootd: velvet slip dress + cool kid shirt

Shoutout to the bruise on my arm.

I remember back in Colombia one of the things I would complain about the most regarding the ever-present and suffocating heat was the fact that it made me hate wearing clothes in general. Anything I would put on felt like I was consenting to feel even more imprisoned. I haven't been back for over six months and I still have impressively strong emotions about the heat, as you can tell. Even though it's not necessarily the best thing for it to be snowing in Chicago during spring break, here I can finally wear layers and survive. I've become obsessed with velvet slip dresses over t-shirts to the extent that I always want to be wearing this type of outfit. It's just such an effective way to look like you tried when you really just threw on a dress over some old t-shirt. That's the look I'm always going for: casually/effortlessly stylish.

So it's finally "spring break"! Well, actually, it's pretty darn cold and I have spent countless hours working on my resume and new website — definitely not spring and not necessarily a break, but, hey, at least it's been two day since I last had to rewatch "Y Tu Mamá También" for my Gender and Sexuality class, so that's a plus. I have also officially become obsessed with planning. I have spent more time planning out my break than actually enjoying the freedom. I think it might have to do with the fact that I have to do my taxes, so anything that can distract me from facing the fact that I am an adult person who has to do shit like taxes is very welcomed in my life. All jokes and cynicism aside, I'm planning on doing some cool stuff with my friends who live in Evanston/Chicago, because everyone else left. And because I love them, of course. Some of the stuff I've planned out includes going to a pretty interesting sex shop that sells stickers I must have (recommended by a girl in my Gender and Sexuality class)visiting several cafés and places for brunch, going thrifting, going to a dance performance at MCA and to Best of The Second City.

I am honestly so pumped for everything I have planned! I'm a city kid and I have been getting cabin fever on campus for the last few weeks tbh. It feels like the city like teases me or something. It's right there at eye-sight and yet there's so much going on that prevents us from coming together. It's like a disgustingly cliché unrequited love story.

I just downloaded Amy Poehler's audiobook for FREE on Audible, so let's hope more good things will come my way this break.

May your spring break be filled with velvet apparel,


Monday, March 13, 2017

ootd: stripes and dinosaurs, as usual

Two outfits I wore sometime in January... I'm still here, still breathing, still alive and finally back. Winter quarter has been pretty exciting but also rough. Regardless, I have taken the last couple of weeks to plan out in what direction I'm going to take this site from here on and I'm happy about the results. I have some really cool brand collabs coming up and just a bunch of posts in general. BE EXCITED.

Even though it's been a thousand years since I wore these two outfits, I thought they could help to portray what to wear in Chicago during the winter and survive. Mind you, this was a very mild winter, I've been told, but it still was fucking cold for this naive girl from Cali, Colombia. Here's what I learned about the winter: it physically hurts. It's like a burning sensation and then you look at your knuckles and they are bleeding and you're v confused because no one told you that happened. Wear a scarf, wear gloves and wear a hat. Honestly, no matter what coat you have, they make an extraordinary difference. Also, put your hands in your pockets so you don't get bloody knuckles. Your face will hurt, especially when it's windy, so, if you're not feeling the whole balaclava look, wrap your face in your fluffy scarf so your eyes are the only thing visible. You could go the extra mile and wear fake reading glasses (even though you have real ones, which you stubbornly refuse to wear) so the wind doesn't blind you. There's no shame in that.

Top from Zara? lol? idk?
Overalls from Topshop

Hat from Abercombie

Scarf from Abercombie

This outfit is for milder weather. However, tights are surprisingly warm, especially the ones that have a fleece lining on the inside.

Dress from Forever 21
Sweater from American Apparel (# rip in peace)

Shoes from Doc Martens
Socks are from some store in Colombia

I'll soon post a full on guide to winter apparel and such. I looked for one of those like crazy before coming here to college but found nothing decently helpful, so I'll try my best.

Yours truly,