Sunday, May 20, 2018

ootd: sorority day "formal"

My sorority had a "formal" this weekend and this is what I wore. In case anyone is wondering, I'm in Kappa Kappa Gamma. There was no particular dress code and people were wearing everything from high heels to worn-out sneakers. I think you can never go wrong pairing a casual summer dress with heels. It's like the happy medium between formal and daytime casual.
My dress is from Tobi; I love this brand (I've written a post about them before) they have really nice dresses and rompers for different occasions. This one I got during their Black Friday sale, but since it's so cold in Chicago, this is my first time wearing it. It was honestly still too cold for a summer dress which is why I paired it with this beautiful suit-like coat from Banana Republic. My shoes are from like 2013 from Zara, and my bag is Kate Spade -- who is a fellow Kappa!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

best dressed at the Met Gala (according to me!)

AHHH! The Met Gala! I usually enjoy looking at pictures of the best-dressed celebrities in Vogue or other fashion publications, but I actually really liked this year's outfits -- more than ever before. I've read so many Instagram posts/articles about people's opinions on the Met Gala fashion that I thought I'd do my own post.

Ok so I'm no art history major but I do love art and I think that's why the theme this year gave me all the feels. You probably know the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, which is why there was so much religious imagery -- like crosses, rosaries, and altars --  but also a lot of baroque-esque patterns and colors. I love the elaborate ornamentation, intense warm colors, metallic details and overall aesthetic of Catholic art, especially from the period of viceregal Latin America here are some of my favorite outfits:

I love Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit! Gold is my favorite color and this outfit just owns it. The goddam cape makes everything look so regal. Also, I usually am not a fan of heart imagery but the addition of what I can imagine is the Sagrado Corazon, is just amazing. The altar for the headpiece is out of this world, and definitely my favorite headpiece of them all, which says a lot because this was a headpiece-heavy event. WAIT! And then there's the flower? Spanish-vibes much? There is so much going on and I am loving it all. So much detail, so much elaboration, so much art and beauty.

Blake Lively, of course. The halo! Oh my god. Such a perfect headpiece. 

ICON. This theme had Madonna written all over it. This feels like one of her 80s looks but she took it up an extra step for the Met Gala.

The horror movie vibes of this outfit are really working for Lily Collins.

Priyanka Chopra! Velvet! And elaborate jewelry! Yay!

There were a few celebrities wearing flowy, angelic gowns and I loved those dreamy outfits. Here are some of my favorites: 

Kate Bosworth

Sasha Lane

Alexa Chung, my ultimate fashion icon.

Zendaya's look was so original and on-theme. I feel like a lot of people took the easy route which was just adding a cross to their outfit, so this was refreshing.

Lui Wen!!! At first, I wasn't sure how this dress was on-theme, but then I realized the vivid, deep red and the gold details reminded me of works such as these:

The painting to the left is Christ Crucified Contemplated by the Virgin Mary and Saint Francis, which I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago. Also, when I mentioned the vivid red, I was referring to the color of the cross, which stands out. The painting to the right, unfortunately, I don't remember what it's called, I just found it on google and cannot find it again. Yikes.

Ok, Frances McDormand. Not entirely sure what is happening here, but I love it because it matches the color palette for one of my favorite works of religious art which is this image of Christ made with feathers:

Thanks for reading! What were your favorite looks?

Saturday, May 5, 2018

saturday in chicago: la bodega

Hello to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog!

I want to start writing about my adventures in Chicago. As a student at Northwestern, I don't have enough time to visit Chicago as often as I'd like to. But the weather has gotten so nice lately and it seems like I'll be able to have some chill Saturdays this quarter, which is why I think it's the ideal time to start this series (yes, it's a series).

Earlier this week, I saw someone post a picture of La Bodega on their Instagram, and immediately knew I had to go. It looked so colorful and the floor looked lovely, which is always a must.

Shoutout to Zoe for coming with me.

I came to La Bodega today with the intention of getting a cup of coffee and sitting down to study for a while but ended up not studying (lol) and eating some great tacos and the best churro I've ever had.

This is definitely not a place to sit down and study. It only has a counter-style table (you know, those long, narrow tables) and five chairs. It is really tiny but so aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

The food was absolutely beautiful to look at, and it tasted great, of course. It was a little overpriced in my opinion, but it was filling enough for me. I wanted a Jarrito so bad, but, guys, come on, I'm not gonna pay 3 dollars for a soda.

 Guac + corn + beans + kale! 
Pink tortillas? Yes, please!

As someone who is allergic to onions, garlic and bell peppers (hehe love my life), I was terrified when ordering their veggie taco. I told them about my allergies and they listened to me and made their food completely safe for me to eat. Thank you, guys! That honestly rarely ever happens --  so many restaurants do not care at all.

Let's talk about the churro. It was absurdly good. It was sweet enough to compensate for the saltiness of the tacos, but not too sweet, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really like desserts.

Oreos are the superior cookie don't @ me.

As anyone reading this can probably tell, I have no clue how to judge/write about food. Sorry! Hopefully, this post makes you want to visit La Bodega! Stay tuned for future posts!

Saturday, April 14, 2018


I went back home to Colombia during the spring break and visited Cartagena for the first time since I was 5 years old. The weather was perfect, I had the best food I have ever had, and it was just such an amazing time I keep wishing I had been there for longer. Here are some pictures that make me feel nostalgic since it's so cold and gray in Chicago :)

After Cartagena, I spent a few days in Cali. Honestly, I had never appreciated the weather there until experiencing Chicago winter weather during spring months, which is exactly what is happening right now.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

your new, sustainable wardrobe for 2018

I came back to Evanston after winter break in Florida and found myself overwhelmed with all of the clothes hanging from my closet. It is extremely cold here and I know part of the reason why my closet seems so cluttered is because of all the winter essentials that a person that is always cold (like I am) needs to survive the Chicago winter. But the colorful mess of different patterns and textures was still too much for me. This is why I decided I'm going to be letting go of quite a few items. This will not only help declutter my life (and dorm) but it will also make up space for new, better items that I am planning on purchasing soon. I feel like my style is changing. However, I'm the sort of person that becomes attached to really old clothes just because of emotional and sentimental value it holds. It has been challenging to let go of so many pieces that reminded me of the past, but here are some questions I asked myself when deciding what to keep and what to sell or donate:

1. Will I wear it/Do I like it/Does it still fit my style?

The first question I asked myself when choosing what articles I wanted to sell or donate was: will I actually wear this again? I have to force myself to stop thinking "I might wear this again for like a costume or something". NO. If something is not being regularly worn it should not be cluttering up my space anymore!

2. Does it make me happy?/ What sentiment is attached to the piece (is it even really there?)

I used to keep a lot of my old stuff because it held emotional value, but I believe I have grown out of this sort of emotional attachment to material articles this year. I couldn't tell you why, because I don't really know the answer myself. I'm actually ready to let go of so many pieces because I want to let go of certain memories, not because they are negative per se, but because it's important to live in the present and not delve too much on the past. Letting go of pieces that were "so your style" before but aren't anymore is also fun because it lets you see how much you have changed and grown, which is exciting to me. I'm 20 now and I feel like I'm a very different person than I was in high school, and I accept that and want to explore my new interest, not hold onto old ones.

3. Will someone else enjoy this more than I do?

Is it in great condition? Will someone else really enjoy it? Then let it be theirs!

Essentially what I'm trying to say is:

- Reduce!
I'm a compulsive shopper but honestly, the most important thing to maintain a nice, organized wardrobe is buying less stuff! Especially fast fashion, which might seem like it's better for your wallet, but it will not last long and it's a terrible source of pollution. This is why it is important to buy really nice, solid, durable pieces! That is defenitely one of my goals for 2018: to buy sustainable and durable clothes, not cheap quality ones.

- Reuse!
Reuse pieces, don't just wear them once. You could also give them to someone who will for sure reuse them... maybe a creative friend that needs some fabric?

- Recycle!
Sell or donate your clothes! Honestly, I had never sold any of my stuff until I got to college and it really helps to get a little extra money.

Now, you should know I am definitely not a minimalist. I love eccentric, unique pieces to spice up every outfit, and I will be keeping those for sure. However, it is important to focus on having really nice, solid essentials, because they will always come in handy. I feel like after you create a good capsule wardrobe of necessary pieces, all the fun accessories and interesting pieces will be able to shine through even more, and you will need a lot fewer things in general when your basics are good-quality and durable. Here are some of the pieces I consider everyone needs:

Striped shirts are the love of my life and probably the number one essential I actually need to survive. Not even joking, striped shirt are part of my lifestyle lol. Also black skirts and pants go great with stripes, so some black bottoms are a must-have. I like to always have a pair of nice sneakers (athleisure, if you will) to make my outfits look casual chic, modern and sporty.


Jeans, of course. I always need a pair of good boyfriend jeans, and black ripped skinny jeans.


A nice white tee is so important.


Finally, a good thick pair of leggings is a must-have!

What are your essentials? Let me know and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

lazy day lookbook

Here's a lazy day lookbook I shot for Northwestern's fashion magazine STITCH. Watch it on Youtube tho! That tiny screen up there does it bogus.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Combination of Minimalist and Fun

Hey all!

Here is an exclusive look at AUrate's new Summer Must-Haves Collection that is launching today! The pieces are simple, functional, and elegant, which is perfect for my style (and any style really). My personal favorite piece is the cuff earrings! I love how different the design is and how well it will go with any look. Also, something that is really cool about this brand is that for every pair of earrings sold, they donate to an underserved public school system! 

Even though I am into colorful clothes and mixing textures and patterns, I mostly keep my jewelry very minimalist which is why I love all of these pieces. I feel like mixing different styles makes outfits more interesting and personal, and even just a subtle pair of earrings can pull together an entire look. Nonetheless, this summer I have been trying to switch things up with a couple of interesting jewelry pieces, such as my eye ring, pom pom and toucan earrings. Combining these pieces with more minimalist ones like the ones from AUrate works perfectly well and allows them to be the focus of attention. Here are some pretty crappy iPhone pics of the jewelry I'm talking about, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what type of statement pieces I would combine this collection with.

I would wear these earrings with a nice simple necklace and a matching bracelet.

This ring would compliment an otherwise minimalist jewelry look with its bit of color and its fun shape.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you check out this new collection!